Best Mods for Making BMWs Even Better

BMW parts making the car better

Best BMW Part Mods for Making the Car Even Better

A BMW, regardless of the year or model, is going to stand out on the street. It might be enough of a distinction to satisfy most drivers of these exceptionally engineered European automobiles, but a subset of BMW owners prefer to step it up a notch with modifications to their vehicles and the installation of performance BMW parts. In doing so they put the finishing touches on an already eye-catching piece of motorized art, consequently creating something as unique as their own fingerprint.

Of course, not all mods are created equal, especially for a class of car such as BMW. Poorly fitted BMW parts like body kits, unprofessionally applied, and large spoilers are just some of the customizations done to BMWs, which are more likely to turn a beautiful machine into something to turn away from. Meanwhile mystery-brand BMW aftermarket air intakes and unvetted exhaust upgrades help to convert the car’s sexy purr into a gargled growl. Indeed, pick mods with caution.

Fortunately for readers, we’re here to provide a guide for selecting the right mods. The following is a list of BMW mods which, if installed properly and utilizing genuine or preferred aftermarket BMW parts, will add style and substance to a person’s beloved Beemer.

Cold Air Intake

An aftermarket air intake for a BMW not only improves airflow into the engine but streamlines the engine bay itself by replacing the bulky factory BMW parts with a more compact apparatus. However, as alluded to earlier, it’s best to steer clear of rigs and BMW parts not designed specifically for the brand. A poorly fitting cold air intake system will choke up and make the car sound like a lawnmower.


Can’t go wrong with a new set of wheels for a BMW, as long as they outshine and out-strengthen the existing set. Scores of suppliers claim to have the best rims available, but few find a way to set themselves apart. With this in mind, the lowest price approach is acceptable so long as it doesn’t mean putting plastic hubcaps on a luxury automobile. The right wheels will do more than look fantastic, they’ll provide tires with an extra bit of grip needed to hug the road in a tight turn or quick braking maneuver.


Like wheels, there ought to be some function to go along with the form of an aftermarket BMW exhaust system kit. It only makes sense to bring in bigger system BMW parts if an enlarged air intake has been installed, and will rightfully provide balance on the opposing side. Making exhaust system mods particularly appealing to BMW owners is the relative ease of doing the job themselves.


Many BMW owners don’t live somewhere with as nice of roads as they maintain throughout the German Autobahn, where the cars are test driven. For those driving on the streets of San Francisco and other cities with notoriously ill-kept asphalt, aftermarket BMW suspension parts are almost a requirement. Not to mention, an upgrade to the suspension minimizes the damage and danger of body roll during tight turns at speed, and who drives a BMW without enjoying those g-forces on occasion?

Oil Coolers

BMW are designed, built, and bought to be driven hard – for a certain amount of time anyway. Unlike the world’s most expensive and ultra-built supercars, high performing BMW parts will begin to overheat if pushed to their engineering limits for too long. Many enthusiasts suggest installing an oil cooler to prevent engine lockup in the event coolant can’t keep up with the driver’s desire for speed, essentially taking pressure off the coolant system. It’s either that or keep a very close eye on the temperature gauges.

Performance Brakes

This is a modification every BMW owner ought to invest some time and money into. The simple reason is safety. Performance brakes are built for sudden stops from speed and therefore help all drivers get more from their reaction time. Those half-seconds and half-meters add up to reduced chance of serious injury or worse.


Earlier we ridiculed body mods to a BMW, but to be fair there are plenty of examples of well executed BMW body conversions. The thing is, the good looking ones don’t often come cheap. It’s like most things in life: we get what we pay for. Those unwilling to shell out several stacks for body mods on a BMW are better off learning to love the factory look. Sure, a few adjustments to the headlights and hood can be done at relatively low cost, but the truth is any BMW part modification done to the body of the car ought to be done by an experienced professional in an ideal environment.

Most BMW owners prefer to keep their vehicle the way they bought it, but there is no shortage of drivers eager to make adjustments to their car through performance BMW parts and body mods. It’s a great way to turn an exceptional automobile into something even more special, so long as the right mods are made and quality BMW parts are chosen.

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