Best Buy Relaunches Their iPad Trade In Program

Are you an iPad owner who is tired of being a part of the slower iPad 3 or God forbid, iPad 2 generation? Well you’re in luck because as of today, July 23rd, Best Buy has relaunched their iPad trade in program!

As long as your current iPad doesn’t have a cracked screen or any water damage, Best Buy is offering customers a $200 trade in when they buy a new iPad! The great news? Apart from the fact that you get to buy a completely new and faster iPad – your gift card could be worth more than $200 depending upon the iPad you are looking to trade in! How long is this offer going to last? This one goes until August 3rd and we can’t say whether Best Buy will be bringing this one back yet again so jump while you can and get your new iPad and a Best Buy gift card!

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