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Best Buy Charging $40 to Slow Down Your Computer; Delete Shortcuts

Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers to “optimize” your computer for $40, claiming to double your computer’s speed in some cases. But if Consumerist’s little unscientific study is correct, this whole optimization thing could just be a giant scam: Upon comparing the optimized changes, the first noticeable change was a cleaner desktop. Most of the removed shortcuts were for trials, promotions ...

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Palm Pre Dropping At Best Buy Next Month

Another Monday, another rumor. This time around, “sources” are saying that the upcoming Palm Pre, complete with WebOS and all, is going to be available June 7th at Best Buy. However, this will be a limited rollout, with only 4500 units being available. The carrier? Sprint. And if that wasn’t bad enough, look at these pricing numbers being thrown around: ...

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The End of Circuit City

Gizmodo has a few pictures of the last day of Circuit City. Inside? Nothing but fixtures that were apparently sold to a local Best Buy store. I bet Best Buy employees get free cake today. Mmmm, cake. Link

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Best Buy Testing Video Game Trade Ins

GameStop, with its icy grip on the retail video game industry, has a new competitor coming up the pipelines. No, Funcoland isn’t making a comeback but rather Best Buy is trying out a trial program that lets customers trade in used video games for store credit. As Brian Crecente of Kotaku points out, this is a fantastic time to be ...

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