Best Android Phone Games Released in 2018

Multiplayer game

Android phone games are loved by everyone old and young. Let’s look at the best that 2018 has given us so far.

1. Part time UFO

A casual game where one has to complete small tasks to gain points. Small tasks include putting things in their right place, moving cargo, etc. Fun elements include unlocking outfits and getting your UFO to wear different ones every game.

2. Alto’s Adventure

Snowboarding in reality is always a mind blowing experience. Try this one out right on your phone. One touch exhilarating experience with beautiful scenery of snow layered mountains, adventurous tactics like backflips and cool soundtracks.

3. Brew Town

Want to get a peek into beer business? Here you go, in this game, one can run a beer business, create beer recipes, customize the bottles, complete orders, ship the products and receive lots of money. Great graphics and a great business exposure.

4. Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir

This is a new group of games in which one can don the role of various characters including the ladybug and gain points, power ups and complete tasks. It also has games in which running is involved.

5. Destiny Warfare

This one is an action-packed multiplayer shooting game with loads of weapons provided to participate in the game. It has numerous game modes and high amounts of adrenaline rush.

6. Rocky Climb

It is a simple arcade game where the main task to reach the top of a mountain. The only move required is to tap the phone at the right moment and at the right spot. With several challenging and new levels, this is one for the breaks between work and study.

7. The Last Maverick

If left alone on an island, do you have the skillset to survive and make it till rescue makes your way? This is such a game where you are stuck on a raft in the middle of an ocean. You must get to the shore, build a house, get yourself fuel of food, water and clothes too, if yours have been lost or if any casualities were seen. Yes, it is indeed a very exciting game.

8. Romance of Three Kingdoms

This is a strategic game where you got to build an empire, a team of warriors, fight the rivals and unite the nation. Its highlights include a really good story, easy control options and several characters.

9. Cunning Tribez Road of Clash

From the same makers of Dead Target, the game is all about ‘attack and protect’. The game’s highlights are the specially talented characters and crazy spells. If the mode chosen is to protect, the player has to protect its home team and if it is to attack, the player has to fight the rival team.

10. Hello Hero Epic Battle

This is a powerful game with high strategies. It can be played in different modes like battlefield, adventure, conquest, etc. The goal is to become the best Guardian of Armon.

These were to name a few. There are many more cool games too. We are just in the middle of the year 2018 and there is also the news of several more great upcoming android games. Let’s get hooked up to these games!

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