Ben Heck’s C64 Laptop


Dream for days of true retro-gaming on the go? Ben Heck has you covered. He’s put his master modder skills to good use this time around, creating a portable Commodore 64 laptop. Says Heck:

This project somehow has the distinction of being both the longest and fastest portable electronics project I have ever done. I originally started making a C64 laptop in the fall of 2006, and kept pecking away at it every so often. Finally, a few weeks ago, I said “screw it” and started over.

I redid everything in a week and a half – the shortest project ever. (The previous record hold was the Wii portable at 2 weeks) The goal this time was to make something that looked exactly like a computer from the early 80’s, yet in a new form. Including the color beige and texture

Full keyboard, SD slot for loading up programs and a display that rings true to the original. Nice work. Hit the link to see how Ben did it and plenty o’ pictures.

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