Balance Your Life: Integrate Every Aspect of Your Life and Each Within Itself

How do you balance your life? You integrate each aspect of your life, work, body, relationships and nature to create a perfect combination of everything that helps you grow, mentally and spiritually. Always keep your eyes open for lessons in every daily experience.

  • Always think of how you can leverage your relationships into more business. What can you steal from other industries, without actually stealing anything (that can get you into trouble legally) to use in your industry? Look for contacts, alliance possibilities, by-product of another industry that you can use to your advantage, identify your strengths and he weaknesses of your competitor’s products. Learn from your mistakes, and sometimes from the mistakes others make.
  • How can you use lessons from home to conduct your business? One example would be social support. Look how important it is to your family, notice how you can get anything done with support. So that shows you it could work for your business as well. At work, you probably have to plan your day and projects.
  • Personal development will help grow professionally as well. Why do most successful people wake their physique? Waking up early in the morning and hitting the gym is way of developing self-discipline. If you can control your mind and body, you can control the world. Personality development is a way to assess your skills and shape them, to achieve a set of goals.
  • Another aspect is aesthetic needs of beauty, symmetry and order. Since our childhood, we’ve always been old to maintain a hygiene level, dress up properly, have a bath regularly, keep our things in order and have a good handwriting. All this seems unnecessary at the smaller level. But the truth is, all these habits are necessary for you to develop a sense of responsibility to plan things out. If you are leading a company or starting a business, your most important job is to plan. Your business venture cannot be successful, if you are sloppy, late or forgetful.
  • Why are you always told to be honest and open with your family, friends or partner? The main reason is when you start working, it is important for you to be morally sound and completely honest with your work, and even your co-workers. Self-actualization. The path to self-actualization involves being in touch with your feelings, experiencing life fully and with total concentration. Self-actualization refers to the desire that everybody has ‘to become everything that they are capable of becoming’.  In other words, it being able to make use of your skills to complete and most efficient use; how are you able to use your feelings to proper emotional and economic sense

You cannot keep your personal and professional life separate, integrating means understanding and digesting a process…and seeing relationships among seemingly unrelated phenomena.

It’s a sign of innovative genius.

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