Buy Bags of Cereal Marshmallows, Without the Cereal

It’s marshmallow cereal, without all of the damn cereal in the way. sells individual 7 oz. bags of cereal marshmallows. Whether you want to add them to your cereal, pour them into some hot cocoa or just gobble them by the handful is up to you.

You can buy up to 64 7 oz. bags at a time, though they have deals for people willing to buy bulk. 95 lbs. of marshmallows will set you back $399.99, but you’d pretty much be set for life as far as cereal marshmallows go.

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  1. Buried in marshmellow! They probably dont go bad though, seeing as how light they are 95 pounds of them would take up alot of space! Great idea though, hope it works out. Lucky Charms, lookout? Where did they get them, been saving them up?

  2. These things were disgusting when I was a kid.. I wouldn’t want bags of them now. They aren’t marshmallows by any stretch of the imagination, and they’re just plain nasty.

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