Authentic Chinese Propaganda Clock


Apparently, China isn’t as cuddly with the free world as we thought them to be. Aside from blocking our sites from their Internet networks, they also seemed to be propaganda pros. Spitting out these tin Propaganda Revolution Clocks for every Chinese family to sport proudly. Sure, the clocks were produced from 1966-76, but that really isn’t even that long ago. It’s really scary if you think about it.

These clocks are the real deal. Actual retro political clocks which are now being sold from British-Asian, Lei, to collectors for monetary gain. Isn’t communism hysterically ironic? Proclaim your love for Chairman Mao and order one to display on your end table. Available for £25 through money order or by calling the shop in London. — Andrew Dobrow

Rouge-Shop UK [via Retro To Go]

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