Augmented Reality in Online Casinos May Become A Reality

Traditionally, the casino is a room where people make bets; that is now on the verge of being redefined. In the past few decades, the casino industry has witnessed tremendous changes with innovations and technological advances in virtually every part of the industry. These technologies have given rise to not just online gambling but also mobile gaming, where casino games can be downloaded as applications or played via the web.

This change has given players faster and more convenient access to casino games. It has also removed the physical barrier of having to visit a casino to play. People can now play from the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, 3D casino games offer players a better experience.

The industry has grown progressively over time, and today, there are casinos that use virtual reality for slots with other similar games. Betting community, OLBG, has reviewed a huge selection of these casinos and clicking here will take you to more information on well-rated 888casino.

What is Augmented reality?

According to Forbes, augmented reality allows us to see the physical environment of the real world through a technological device that is capable of introducing virtual elements. The use of this technology is done through dedicated bezel glasses capable of displaying digital images in our environment.

Virtual reality used to be the major technological wonder, but Augmented Reality is beginning to generate buzz within the online gaming scene. This is because it takes one step further by combining the existing real environment with fictional elements, unlike Virtual reality, where everything was artificial or randomly generated.

With this, for example, we can see how a piece of furniture will look in our house since we can superimpose it in the living room. Many casinos are attracted to the prospect of Augmented technology, with some already adopting it.

With Augmented Reality (AR), players can become an active part of the casino and can take a breather from playing. Also, there are more options to enjoy roulette, poker, and blackjack with a surreal experience from the comfort of your homes.

Augmented Reality gives more possibilities within the Casino industry

The arrival of augmented reality could further expand the possibilities of the industry. With AR applications, for example, it would be possible to create virtual casinos in any real space. In fact, we already find examples of applications of this type, REVIGLIOS, which was presented some years back. It is an AR app that allows gaming companies to demonstrate their product live in a casino in real-time, and this includes stuff like gaming tables or custom casino chairs. Also, with this application, casino owners can see how their casinos would look before buying them, and users can imagine any possible combination in real-time.

Although AR has just arrived and we have only seen a small part of its possibilities, more and more companies, from different sectors, are betting on it. Many also seek to combine it with Artificial Intelligence. Facebook, HTC, or Intel, among others, are investing in the sector.

Without a doubt, this technology greatly expands the possibilities of many sectors, especially those related to leisure and entertainment. It can also be a success for virtual casinos in addition to those that are already used to new technologies.

Online Casinos want to include these technologies in their main Games

One of the pioneering companies in this sector is Microgaming, which launched an excellent trend-setting product. The software development company started working on this type of service some time ago, which has undoubtedly been a revolution in the market.

Since then, both developers and Operators have been working on introducing this type of technology in their systems, in order to offer a unique experience for the Player. One of the games where the use of these innovations stands out the most is in Roulette, either in its American, European, or French version.

Problems of Adopting Augmented reality


Either way, any innovation will require analysis as it will have its pros and cons. As casinos started using the innovation of virtual reality, a few issues arose, but the designers quickly fixed them. The change in online gambling, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality inevitably led to a drop in the number of players who visit physical casinos.

Another downside to the innovation of virtual reality is the cost of development, which is very high. Players will also have to spend a huge amount of money on expensive devices like headsets and glasses which need to be upgraded within a few years.

Casinos need to spend a lot of money to obtain Augmented reality software, which can only be affordable by the very big players in the industry. In addition, the implementation of Augmented Reality could result in more casino workers losing their jobs. An example of this is the MGM Resort that announced that it would replace its workers with machines and robots, causing a great stir.

The company presented a very good performance during the last quarter, which was reflected in an increase in the price of its shares, reaching a value of 3,052 million dollars, about 2.5% above analysts’ forecasts. Automation will be used to reduce costs and continue to create value for investors.

This could result in regulations that could discourage casinos from onboarding AR technology, and it could take a few years for this technology to really take life. It will be interesting to see how these changes the nature of gambling in the nearest future.

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