20 AudioBookBay Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2024 for Downloading Audiobooks

Audiobooks have very quickly become popular means of consuming content, they save time and don’t require a lot from one’s attention span especially in times like this when everything is so fast paced. One of the best websites for downloading audiobooks was AudioBookBay, it allowed people to view ebooks for free. The website has given a tough competition to its competitors, the accessibility of it, the great interference and everything has come very handy to its users. Here comes the part where the plot thickens for some time now this domain has been changing and users are not able to access it. 

Don’t worry we have just the solution for you, we have a list of 20 top Alternatives to your favourite Audiobook Bay. 

Exciting, right? Wait till you read the whole thing, it’s just what you need.

What Happened to AudioBookBay?

There is some glitch on the domain, people aren’t able to access the website like they used to. 

 Is AudioBookBay Down?

Yes for now, one can say it’s down but don’t worry we have a couple of solutions.

Top 20 Alternatives to AudioBook Bay

Here are some of the best alternatives you can use instead of Audiobook Bay.

 1. ThoughtAudio

This is a great place to start, though audio has a lot of free books and its collection has books from classic literature, history, philosophy. It has very user friendly interference and everything you want is just a click away. ThoughtAudio enables you to search for your desired books, download them in Mp3 format. It is one of the best alternatives to AudioBookBay.

 2. Loyal Books

Loyal Books has access to audiobooks for free, it has about 24,00 thousand books for its users to love and choose from. This app was previously called bookshsouldbefree.com and don’t we all agree to that. 

You can see the ebooks on this platform arranged in terms of their genres such as fantasy, fiction, suspense etc. There are a lot of options that one can choose from and the filters help you in that. You can also download the desired novels, you can download multiple Novels in MP3 format and combine all of that in a ZIP file and M4B format if you use an IOS device. Overall a great service provider for audiobooks.

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 3. Audible

This one is also quite popular and makes for a great alternative to AudiobookBay. 

It has a great interface that lets its users browse for whatever ebook they are looking for. The catalog of Audible is quite diverse and extremely huge. It’s no wonder that audible has made it to the top of our list. It has a thirty-day trial period that gives you two audiobooks for free. Audible is an amazon venture, once you buy the books here they become yours for the rest of your life and you can listen to your favorite books whenever you wish to.

 4. Storynory

This is a great platform for kids, this site offers fairy tales, myths, poems, originals in different categories, every ebook comes in an exciting illustration. It has both text and audio formats for kids to choose from. It also has various stories from the bible. This is a great platform if you have kids who are obsessed with reading and being read to.

 5. Librivox

This is one of the oldest sites that offer selection audiobook services and we can personally vouch for it. It has about 8000 titles that the users can choose from. If you are underwhelmed by the number of titles it offers, keep in mind that it has some of the best plays that are performed by trained and experienced voice actors to give you the mood and the feel for whatever it is you are reading. It also offers you all this for free. You can access them for reading through your IOS or Android phone and can even store the books on a CD. The books on this platform have over 35 languages. It has a subscription-free after paying that you can access their diverse and wonderful content without any problems.

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 6. OverDrive

If you enjoy a wide range of audiobooks and ebooks then overdrive is a great place for you. It has a vast selection of genres that it gives you complete access to. It’s one of the coolest platforms for you to find whatever audiobook you are looking for.OneDrive has an application called Libby for easy accessibility of iOs and Android users. You can use it to search for whatever book you are looking for. The ebook reader in this is in-built and it has a very cool audio player, the user can also send the novels from here to their kindle.

 7.  Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent is a great platform for different kinds of audiobooks that one might be into. You can download the desired books directly on your divide and listen to them whenever you fancy. All that you need is software that allows you to access torrent downloads. It’s generally called the client software, once that is done you can go to Extra torrent and start the downloading.  Once the file is on your PC you can send it to whichever device you want to. This is a free website and it’s also compatible with your tablet. The interface is also quite incredible, it makes the tedious task of searching and sorting out desired content quite easy.

 8. The Pirate Bay

Who hasn’t heard of this platform? PirateBay is known for its accessibility of popular content, it has functions that are very user friendly and has a very eloquently organized catalog of its content. The vast range of different genres available here is a sight to behold. Despite the overwhelming collection, the navigation is quite easy thanks to the integrated sitemap function since it lets the users verify and separate types and scan the martial they want. It doesn’t even just stop at audiobooks it has a lot more to offer. All the content available here is free. You don’t need any mandatory registration or log in. All you have to do is know what you want and voila. You will need client software though, make sure you have that on your PC before you go searching for your favorite book.

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 9. LearnOutLoud

There are a lot of great academic and video clip titles at LearnOutLoud, it has audiobooks, speeches, documentaries, etc, and all of this is available there for free. These audio novels are arranged in the order of their popularity, chronologically or thematically. There are classifications that users can pick to explore from. It has certain genres that are basic ones that you can choose from such as science, tech, self-development, and travel. The free books are live-streamed all you need to do is to create an account,

 10.  Scribl

This is a much different audiobook platform, you get the desired audiobooks for free and the interference is quite user-friendly. You also have a lot of filters to search from, making it easier for you to get closer to what you are looking for.

Make sure when you are searching your audiobook filter is on. You will also find podcasts and academic papers exclusively available on this platform. Don’t even bother wasting another minute anywhere if you are looking for a reliable platform for your audiobooks.

 11.  Project Gutenberg

This one has about 57000 free ebooks. It offers a great collection of books. From classic literature to currently popular books this platform has it all.

You can discover yourself as the interference of this platform is very user-friendly and the search bar is very efficient in looking for what you want. You can either download the books onsave your choice of device or you can save it in the cloud to listen to it whenever you fancy.

12.  FreeClassicAudioBooks

As the name suggests this is a great platform for classic novels and philosophy books. You have access to a lot of options, other than audiobooks it also has books in PDF formats and Transcriptions. The only glitch is that you can download different files together at once. You can listen to them on the platform itself or you will have to download them separately. 

13.  Lit2Go

LitGo is known to have one of the biggest libraries that there is in the genre of poetry and plays. It is very different from other audiobook platforms for this reason itself. If you know what you are looking for then this is just the website for you, for amateurs, it could be a tad confusing. It has a great interface and the platform is easily accessible with your mobile and PC. The best part is that it’s free, all you need is a good internet connection and you are ready to listen to your favorite classics.

14.  Audiobook Sync (SYNC)

Audiobook sync too is a great platform very suitable for kids who are older than 12, it helps children enhance their skills during their summer break. There are a lot of ebooks on this platform with that audiobook sync also issues two audiobooks each season. It’s a great tool for kids to work on their cognitive skills every time they are about to start school. Even for adults, it has a great selection of books. Sync is started by AudioFile Magazine and it is used through the Sora app. It also has email alerts so that you never miss out on new titles.

 15.  Audiobooks. Cloud

This one is one of the best alternatives to AudiobookBay, how this one works is that you have various torrent links to download your favorite books. All you need is client software for the download process to begin. If the speed of your internet is good then you don’t have to worry about anything, just know what books you want and start searching.

16.  Spotify

Does Spotify already have a lot of popular podcasts but audiobooks? There is a catch, on Spotify you can find audiobooks but you are only able to download them if you have a subscription plan. As you may know, Spotify is known as a popular music streaming service but it also has a wide variety of audiobooks. Spotify smoothly turns on laptops and smartphones. You just have to visit the site or its app and you can begin your journey from there.

17.  Digitalbook.io

This one is another giant that offers you a big collection of audiobooks and it even allows you to download them. Digitalbook was previously known as Libtophile. A cool feature about this platform is that it can download the entirety of an audiobook or the specific paragraphs that you want to listen to. It has about 100,000 books on it, some of them are ebooks and some are audiobooks. If you have iOS then you can listen to them on iTunes as podcasts. You will have access to most of the popular books on this website. It is a great alternative to AudioBookBay.

 18.  Open Culture

Open Culture is a free website that has a lot of content available on it. From academic papers, courses, languages classes to movies, audiobooks, and ebooks. 

This is one of the only websites that offer so much so eloquently for free. YOu can download thousands of books in MP3 format. It has about 1000 audiobooks you can download from. It is one of the most vibrant alternatives to AudioBookBay.

 19.  Hoopla

Hoopla is a great platform to access any kind of audiobook as long as you have a library card. You have a lot of options to explore and download from. The search bar comes in handy so you can avoid all the hassle. You also have a lot of categories to explore and discover from. All the audiobooks are broadcasted from your PC or other devices like Android, iOs, FireTv, Chromecast, Roku. This one has a gold star of good content.

20.   YouTube

Just like Spotify, youtube is not known as an audiobook platform. It’s a great platform for entertainment, music, and news but it also has a collection of audiobooks. The content here as you must know is free if you can power through the ads. You can definitely find good audiobooks here hassle free.


AudioBookBay was an efficient platform but if you have paid any attention to anything to this article then you know that it wasn’t the only one. Hope your obsession with the spoken and the written word only thrives through the help of all these resources, what we mean to say is you are very welcome.

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