How to Attract and Onboard Hosts on Your Airbnb-like Website

The beating heart of any Airbnb-like website is the community of your hosts. To make the platform a place where hosts are genuinely excited to join and encouraged to continue working, your platform must foster and nurture a healthier, loving environment based on trust, supportive and friendly relationships. 

With the instructions presented in this guide, you will establish humble and welcoming methods to attract and onboard hosts. This guide is for you if you aim to establish a productive and welcoming community in this age of the highly competitive sharing economy. 

Building Trust and Mutual Respect 

Nothing speaks of the need for trust more than a website that enables complete strangers from other parts of the city or country to stay in your home. Compelled by the seasons of trust-building entrepreneurs behind Airbnb, your platform must leave no doubt in your potential hosts’ hearts – their information will remain authenticated, their utilities occupied by trustworthy people and their payment card data protected by professional monitor buyers. If you are taking the requirements right, and attempt to score safety certificates, exploit them tremendously. By demonstrating that you have out-of-the-box both demand for them, you can establish a trusty-platform. 

Fair and Transparent Rewards

 Look at the commission’s rates advertised by your competitors, and then be even better – OR add some more advantages for hosts to host their offers on your platform . For instance, accompany your regular flat-fee commission with statements additionally revitalized commissions for both, time-long stays, or mechanically-premium offers. Develop to user and host success and add 2% reduction steps.

Additionally, by enticing commission rates and being open about the benefits the host will get, there is a high chance most will choose the platform. For example, and values such as tier-based commissions. It shows a platform is dedicated to host earnings.

Immediate Support at every touch point 

Hosts need consistent and immediate support. Also, a platform should offer live chat for quick responses to inquiries and phone support . Additionally, a platform should create educational resources, including videos, downloadable guides, and online courses, covering local regulations and property management. The platform can also host workshops to bring in experts in the field to offer hands-on support and foster a sense of community. Hosting can be a scary journey, and it is crucial to provide the host professional with the s needed to succeed. With many support options, you’ll give the plan its best option of success. 

Seamless onboarding experience

A seamless experience after onboarding is critical to creating a positive first impression and laying the foundation for a productive working relationship with your hosts. With your help and organized templates, your hosts can effortlessly record their properties and successfully complete your listings. Simple tasks such as automatic schedules allow your hosts to save time and prevent scheduling blunders. By using feedback and knowledge to refine our onboarding process, we provide our hosts with a quick and uncomplicated onboarding process. A seamless onboarding experience is crucial to creating a positive experience for hosts on your platform.

Offer generous incentives

One crucial step to drawing in hosts to sign up for and stay active on your platform is to provide them with ample incentives that persuade them to choose your site over the competition. In that regard, you may consider offering sign-up bonuses or referral rewards and implementing special seasonal promotions. It is just as important to craft persuasive advertisements for these incentives: showcase their value to prospective hosts and demonstrate how they can make the most out of them. By doing so in a creative manner, you are bound to entice hosts who are enthusiastic about the prospect of enjoying these benefits. The various types of incentives can drive hosts to your platform and keep them active. Sign-up bonuses can provide an immediate financial boost, while referral rewards can bond you to your hosts’ networks of friends and acquaintances. Seasonal promotions can also revitalize your hosts’ interest in the platform by making them more excited about earning money during those periods. Combined, these and other incentives create a series of compelling reasons for hosts to choose your platform. They signal your unwavering commitment to their success and establish a connection with you by showing them that you value and appreciate their effort and dedication . Ensure to periodically reevaluate and adjust your incentive program continuously to ensure that these incentives remain attractive to hosts and cater close to their needs and standards. With each of these outreach and follow-up strategies in place, you can ensure that the host you attract will be eager to give their best for your platform to give your guests exceptional service.

Marketing and Promotion 

Marketing and promotions support your startup’s reputation and the platform’s attractiveness as an opportunity for the hosts. Propose engaging social media posts, establish relationships with influencers and bloggers, launch an appealing website with numerous blogs, and provide case studies. Marketing will enable you to manifest your presence and attract the correct type of hosts likely to agree with your platform’s values. Marketing attracts hosts to your platform as it conveys your values and offerings effectively. It brings respective hosts to the platform within a short period. 

Building a Community 

Organize events, workshops, and online community discussions for the hosts. Awards and other forms of recognition promote the sense of community and encourage fighting for it. There is a strong connection between the hosts and high engagement when community discussions are frequent. It promotes harmony and unity among hosts and fosters a culture of togetherness.

Hosts flexibility

Allow hosts flexibility to customize their listings and tweak them to their preferences; pricing and house rules should also be at the host’s bidding. There should also be flexibility in the types of bookings hosts receive, giving them more choices. In this way, hosts can tailor their listing customizations according to their preferred type of guest. Empowering hosts to create customized listings allows them to express their individuality while still advertising the presence and type of guest they want. When hosts have customizable tools to work with, they enjoy autonomy to invent and customize while displaying their added creativity. 


Build platforms with your hosts, and regularly gather feedback at every opportunity to grow and improve your platform. Be responsive to their wishes and provide open, honest communication about the changes implemented. This makes it possible for the platform to grow and develop through incremental changes and improvements in feedback. Feedback provides a good chance to speak and highlight your interests as well as your commitment to the party responding. If you’re planning to build an Airbnb-like platform and want it to thrive successfully, you will need to cultivate a warm, welcoming, and supportive community of hosts. Facilitating trust, a sense of community, fair rewards, and intensifying support creates a platform where hosts are attracted to and want to stay active. You must remember that the path to success is through the cultivation and maintenance of relationships here. Your hosts must also have mutual trust and commitment in their role then and only then can you create a successful platform!

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