4 Ways Online Retailers Benefit from a Relationship-Building Tool Like Magneto CRM

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Are you selling online? If so, it’s likely been difficult for you in the past to build relationships with customers when you can’t put a face to the name and when the data you get is inconsistent and relatively impersonal. For decades, CRM systems have been helping companies improve relationships. Today, this software has crossed over into the ecommerce industry. But how can it help you improve relationships with your customers? Here are four powerful ways.

Take Your Data with You

A common grievance for those switching to the Magneto ecommerce platform from a different service or even for those updating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is that they can’t take their past sales data and histories with them. Well, that is up until now they couldn’t.

Newer Magento CRM software solutions resolve this. That’s because you simply plug them into your existing online store and import all your sales and order data. Once that’s been completed, you can plug them into your new Magneto 1 or 2 store and take all your data with you without having to port it or hire costly developer to manually port data.

Consolidating Cross-Channel Metrics

If you’re using Magneto 1 or 2 to sell online, chances are that you’re also selling on a variety of different sales channels that include places like Amazon, eBay and Jet. The thing is that Magento doesn’t talk to these other sales channels, and if you were to try to consolidate that data manually, it could add hours to your workweek.

Instead, by plugging a CRM into your Magento store and your other sales channels, you can instantly consolidate this data into one backend and real-time CRM dashboard. This will help you ensure a seamless multichannel reporting process as well as giving you the ability to identify trendsetting products, key out-of-stocks, and a variety of email marketing metrics that you can use to make the experience at your online store as personalized as possible.

Tapping into The Customer Journey

Today’s online retail environment is focused on the user experience and the customer journey. It’s the primary reason why marketplaces like Amazon have been able to dominate this industry in a comparably shorter period of time than brick and mortar retailers did, up until ecommerce became a reality

With the right Magneto CRM plugged into your online store, you’ll be able to start improving the customer journey right from the get-go. That’s because you’ll have detailed contacts for each customer with order timelines, notes and more that help you better serve them, ensure accurate and timely delivery and streamlined returns processing. You’ll also have critical data and feedback that you can use to make the shopping experience better, too.

Leveraging Data, Relationships for Sales

Today’s ecommerce world is replete with options for the end consumer. If they have a bad experience at your online store, whether that’s from a purchase they didn’t like, a bad return policy or a damaged product, you stand to lose that customer for life. But when you have proper relationship-building tools in place, you can counter many of these elements right away.

What’s more, it’s all about data. The big retailers have pockets that are deep enough to pay for big data services. But most online retailers consist of small or medium businesses that can’t afford big data. The good news here is that with the right CRM, you’ll be able to tap into a “big data-like” source for your online store that gives you the competitive advantage from day one.

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