Atari Flashback Portable prototype gets spyed on


While Atari might have been even a little before our time in gaming glory, we appreciate it as much as other geeks. The prototype for the Atari Flashback Portable, which is now a confirmed product rather than a conceptual piece, looks like one really functional handheld console.

The handheld itself looks not much bigger than the game cartridges themselves, and will no doubt house a plethora of built-in games with no cartridge in sight. Plus, all of the cartridges will be able to be played on the device. The prototype is looking good. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Nice idea for a portable game player, but they messed it up completely by putting the “Fire” button on the right side. Anyone who has ever seen one knows that real Atari joysticks fire with the left hand, move with the right. This is something that Nintendo messed up back in the 80’s with their first system, and every system since then has followed, unfortunately.

  2. Ridiculous. Who cares about that. When was the last time you played a handhaled with the d-pad on the right side? Dummy!

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