Astronomers — Life on Earth Was Nearly Destroyed in 1883

A little over a century ago, we were a mere 300 miles away from being completely annihilated by a pack of apocalypse-inducing comets.

At least, that’s the theory that was just recently presented by astronomers. They re-analyzed some data captured in 1883 by an astronomer named Jos� Bonilla. Bonilla took note of over 450 objects that passed between the Earth and the sun, which were surrounded by a type of “mist”. However, since the objects weren’t seen by other astronomers a short distance away, they were very likely passing extremely close to Earth’s atmosphere.

Of course, not everyone agrees with this theory. Some skeptics theorize that Bonilla should have also seen a brilliant display of smaller comet fragments burning up as they entered the Earth’s atmosphere. So, like with any theory, it’s still a matter of interpretation.


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  1. Pretty scary & interesting. It would have been quite cosmically ironic for us to be wiped out after millions of years of evolution 70 mere years before space travel!

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