If You Aspire to be a Great Leader, be Present

Great leader

Leadership is an important trait required amongst individual these days. As the world is changing, the type of skill set required today for being employable has also changed. Leadership is one of the most important aspects of it. But leadership does not come easily to everyone. In fact being a great leader requires one to be a great team worker too. Leadership requires skills like, interpersonal skills, communication skills, persuasive skills, and behavioral skills and most importantly the ability to be present mentally during conversations and tasks. Great leaders lead by example and examples are created only when a leader along with all his acumen and creativity applies his presence of mind to every situation. It is extremely difficult to do so as being a leader of a team, working as a manager or as an executive officer in a company; one may be too much occupied for most of the time. This leads to abundance of thoughts floating in mind every moment and results in lack of concentration for the task at hand. Such problem if not addressed can be detrimental for the ones who are aspiring to be great leaders.

Being present at the very moment you are in conversation with someone or a group of people is very important. This helps in making meaningful connections and strong relations with the people around you. Before being a good speaker one has to be an excellent listener. If one remains occupied during a conversation with his own thoughts in mind without being receptive to what others are saying, then this leads to a feeling of distrust amongst the people. They start feeling unwanted and unheard. A great leader never imposes his or her ideas. In fact he listens to what others have to say and open kindheartedly welcomes all opinions from his team mates or subordinates. His final decision takes into account the concern of all and is the one that best suits the interest of everyone and the team. This quality comes only if a leader is has a great presence of mind and is fully devoted towards his organizational goals. All one needs is to be present both mentally and physically in any conversation or task he or she is involved in. This quality will surely help the person in the longer run to become a great leader and inspire his teammates too.

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