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In 2021, many of us have had to work from home due to government regulations instructing us to limit our exposure to Covid-19. If you work as an artist or enjoy creating masterpieces as a hobby, you may be planning to set up an art studio in your home. Here are some tips on how to design the perfect art studio.

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First of all, you will need to decide where you will set up your art studio. Will you designate a room in your house, or do you have an office building in the garden or a shed/garage ripe for conversion? Whatever location you decide upon, ensure it is big enough to accommodate all of your equipment, has a heating or air conditioning system, electricity, and windows or skylight to flood the area with natural light. 


Think about how you wish to decorate your studio. White painted walls are maybe the best option so that you can display your artwork against a plain background. However, some people believe that colors can evoke specific feelings in people. Yellow and orange are the colors believed to inspire creativity and imagination, so you may want to paint the walls in these hues.

The choice of flooring in the studio is very important. As you will be using paint and chemicals such as paint thinners, you will need to have flooring that is easily cleaned. Choose durable floorings such as wood, laminate, or vinyl. Tiled is liable to gather paint and debris in the grouting, and carpet isn’t very practical unless you have an effective solution for carpet stain removal.

You may want window coverings during very bright weather conditions that will block out light if it becomes too strong and hinders your vision when painting. Blackout curtains, blinds, or wooden shutters are a great solution.

Install a sink in the studio so that you can clean brushes and other equipment without having to trail it through your house to the kitchen or bathroom sink. 


Your studio will need storage for paper, paints, and paintbrushes. If you have plenty of wall space, you could install floor-to-ceiling cupboards with built-in drawers. Ensure you have a chest of drawers, such as architect drawers, to fit larger-sized sheets of paper to keep them clean, flat, and crease-free. 

A large table and comfortable chair are essential to work on if you like to sit down while you paint. Opt for a table with a wipeable surface and ideally one that you can adjust the height and angle of. A trolley is a handy item to store the paint and brushes you are using for your current work on progress because you can wheel it around and have the items you require beside you at all times. Store the paint and brushes in washable plastic containers and place them in the trolley along with some cloths for cleaning brushes and paint spills. If you construct your own canvasses, you will need some tools such as a saw, hammer, nails, and a staple gun. You may also need a tall cupboard to store lengths of wood or hang a hammock-like construction from the ceiling to hold it.

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