Why the Arizer Air 2 is worth buying in 2018?

Arizer air 2

Vaporizers are growing in popularity by the day. Since the release of the Volcano many years ago, the market has flourished. Considered to be a far healthier and safer alternative to smoking, vaping is convincing even the most stubborn and dedicated smoker to make the switch. With various advantages to the switch from smoking to vaping, it comes as no surprise to see the market grow at the rate it is. When all is considered it makes perfect sense for the daily smoker to make the change; The financial benefits, the health benefits and the overall social acceptance of vaping are all contributing to a far more beneficial practice. When it comes to making the change to vaping, it is imperative to have chosen the right unit for you. With the market ever growing it makes it a lot more difficult to decide on the model which suits you. It can be a daunting experience trying to distinguish genuine value for money with overpriced units of lesser quality. Take the time to watch and read reviews and try to learn the characteristics of the vaporizer you choose before purchasing. This article will take a closer look at the Arizer Air II, which has taken the vaping world by storm. By the end of this piece you will have a greater understanding of why the Arizer Air 2 is worth buying in 2018.

Air Vs Air II

The Air II is a new and improved version of the world renowned Arizer Air. Famed for its cool, refreshing vapor, the Air was received very positively by the vaping community. Implementing new age technology into a portable device as light and as durable as the Air was a huge success, hence the high expectations around the Air II. When the Air II was announced, excitement began to rise, the already loved Air was getting some well deserved improvements. Improvement models are always appreciated in the vaporizer market as there is continuous research taking place to develop the most modern unit with the most up to date features. While appearing extremely similar to the original Air model, the Air II is considerably lighter at only 116 g in weight. The Air II is also claimed to be 50% more powerful than its older brother meaning higher quality vapor and a much longer battery time.

Flavor & Vapor Quality

The flavor created by the Arizer Air II is very hard to rival. With a completely borosilicate glass mouthpiece and a ceramic based chamber the results are incredible. The flavor profile the Air 2 can create is genuinely impressive. The borosilicate and ceramic materials used in the Air 2 vaporizer are both known for being more resistant to higher temperatures. The materials used release far less toxins than you would normally associate with a plastic mouthpiece or metal chamber. The isolated airpath associated with the Arizer Air 2 contributes to a far superior vapor flavor while also ensuring the most fulfilling vapor produce possible. Flavor and Vapor quality are probably the two most important features of any vaporizer, nobody wants an everlasting battery if the unit it belongs to has poor results. The Air II contributes both flavor & vapor quality while the battery remains stronger than ever.


Portability is a factor which can make or break a vaporizers popularity. The Arizer Air 2 vaporizer gives us the opportunity to have a high specification vaporizer on the go. The easy transportation of the Air II is a definite positive when it comes to comparing it to its rivals, its sleek and easily camouflaged exterior makes it a pleasure to use while on the move. A small downside to the Air 2’s portability is the way the mouthpiece is carried separately, while not a major issue, it does add time to the vaping process. Portability is a trait which has revolutionised the vaporizer market. More and more frequently we are seeing models designed with discreteness and portability as its mains assets. With the majority of portable vapes being used for concentrates, waxes or oils, it is a nice addition to see an affordable dry herb vape like the Air 2 hit the market. The belt clip carrier that comes with the Arizer Air II is a handy little addition which leaves your pockets free for other more important items.

Funky Features

Like its older brother, the original Air, the Arizer Air II vaporizer is packed full of features sure to take your attention. The introduction of an OLED display screen is one of my favorite additions, it helps us to differentiate between temperature settings, the importance of being able to easily change the temperature settings is a major influence to how a vaporizer succeeds in the market. As we all know, our herbs can come in all shapes and sizes and of all consistencies. For this reason we must learn what settings suits our preferences the best and work from there. This will not happen immediately it will take continuous trial and error to see which suits you best. Along with the new display screen, Arizer have introduced an audio feature to signify when the unit is powered on and off. To avoid unwanted battery usage the Arizer Air II has a feature which powers the unit off after a period of no use. The ability to switch between celsius and fahrenheit is a nice addition and is complimented by the brightness levels being adjustable. While not necessarily imperative, both are nice features which are new to the Arizer Air II. Overall the digital advances Arizer made in the design of their Air II vaporizer shows us just how far it has come and why it is as popular as it is.

Overall, we have seen a number of impressive improvements between Arizer’s Air & Air II. With the vaporizer market growing at the rate it is and with more and more people making the switch to vaping from smoking it is very important to have all the relevant information before making your purchase. If cool, refreshing vapor, rich in flavor and in a unit of the highest quality build is what you are after, the Arizer Air 2 vaporizer is sure to tick all your boxes.

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