Are Windows Computers Safe enough without added Security Tools?

Microsoft does provide Windows 10 users with security tools; however, free tools may not be ideal or adequate protection. Therefore, the big question is whether are not computers are safe to use without adding in additional security tools. If not, what type of tools should people consider using?

Windows 8.1

Why are security tools essential?

Hackers are becoming an increasing risk to everyday computer users with malware attacks becoming more advanced with each passing year. 

Cyber-criminals can install malware and viruses onto computers to steal information, even your whole identity. Free built-in virus and malware software may catch some of these; however, many still leave a huge gap allowing hackers through. 

Additional tools bring security and peace of mind

When considering this, additional security tools are worthwhile considering as they do bring peace of mind. So, what type of tools might you consider installing?

A good firewall is essential

Windows software has a firewall built-in but it does leave a lot to be desired. 

Any firewall in itself is not adequate security but it can go a long way towards stopping hackers from gaining access to your computer. It can also help in the protection of worm viruses that spread from computer to computer. 

It may be worth investing a little money in a good firewall, as there are many benefits over the free versions that come with Windows. 

Additional virus and malware protection

Good strong antivirus software from reputable companies go a long way to stopping hackers from installing viruses and malware or picking it up in files you download online. 

Having virus and malware protection that runs in the background constantly with real-time protection is the best way to secure your computer against hackers. 

Professional virus and malware software will automatically update in the background to keep you safe from the latest threats and provide stronger security.

Use a Virtual Private Network

Another additional security tool you might want to consider for Windows is a VPN, aka Virtual Private Network. You can find some great options here :

With a VPN, you use a small app that remains open in the background when you are using the computer. Through the app, you connect to a server offered by the provider. When connected to the server your own IP address is masked and one is taken on from that server. This means no one can find out your true location.

Another huge benefit offered by the VPN is an encrypted tunnel. This virtual tunnel resides between your computer and the internet. Any information you send from your computer is encrypted as it goes through the tunnel. This makes it impossible for anyone to read it, even if it is intercepted.

In summary

If you install good reliable virus and malware software, firewall and a Virtual Private Network, you have three tools at your disposal that go a long way to ensuring your computer remains safe and secure online. 

Of course, a VPN also comes with many additional benefits. These include helping you to remain anonymous if you torrent online, overcoming censorship and geo-restrictions and even helping you to save money online on hotel rooms and car rental. 

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