Bitdefender Offers An Antivirus Program for Mac Users

If you are a Mac owner you may boast once in a while about the sheer volume of viruses PC’s are subject to in comparison to Macs. That said though, there are certain issues with Macs that can be prevented with the use of a good anti-virus software. Enter the specialist Mac product from BitDefender – Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

Bitdefender For Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus has a pretty good track record in terms of providing PC protection, but now, with their Mac-centric anti-virus product, you can protect your Mac as well. This antivirus solution for Mac’s offers fast scanning and continuous protection that includes anti-phishing protection as well as automatic updates.

One of the best revelations about the new BitDefender for Mac’s is that it is capable of running seamlessly in the background so that it doesn’t slow down your system while it offers 24 hour protection. The software even includes a Mac-centric notification system that notifies you of any updates required to your system or of any current concerns that require your immediate attention to keep your Mac safe.


BitDefender for Mac is one of the most non-intrusive anti-virus solutions currently available that has been specially formulated for Mac users. Plus, this protection solution is affordable, costing $49.95 for one year of protection for up to three users or just $39.95 for one year of protection for one user. There are a variety of protection plans currently available including a three year, three user plan for just $119.95.

BitDefender is one of the most reliable names in anti-viral protection solutions and have been named the five time winner of the PC Magazine Editors Choice Award in addition to being named the 2013 PC Magazine Best Anti-virus Solution.

So just what can you expect from this anti-virus solution for your Mac?

The desktop app makes the system options offered by BitDefender easy to access and it’s easy to navigate even for those who are new to Mac’s and Mac based anti-viral software. The functions are quick to use and useful for a simple “sanitation of the system.”

What could we live without? We’d like to see a little more customization in the tool but overall we are pretty impressed with this tool.

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