Arduputer: The Arduino-based Computing Platform

We’ve seen the Arduino used before in multiple DIY projects and mods. Makes sense, especially since it’s a user-friendly microcontroller. But what about using the Arduino as a full-fledged computer? That’s what a guy named Johannes decided to do. Check out what he’s managed to pull off so far:

I have resently been working on a project for the arduino, called Arduputer. With the project i intended to see how much the arduino could do. The current sketch is about 13kB.
On the arduputer I have several programs including a text editor, a simple ocilloscope and a program that shows available ram on the Arduputer.

I have modified the Ps2 keyboard library and the GLCD. In the GLCD library I added a routine for showing a picture. I used Bitmap2LCD for converting it from bmp to bitmap.

If you want to try building your own, instructions are available. Not for the light of heart.


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