Appointment Scheduling can Help Increase Client Satisfaction

Appointment scheduling can make or break a business, especially in a fast-paced world where more is always better. The fact is scheduling more appointments in one day isn’t always the answer. The answer is tailoring your schedule around your client’s needs. That doesn’t mean allowing each client a large chunk of your time for the potential of minimum results.

Learn to Agendize

Learning to agendize means simply learning about your clients and knowing their needs. Much like a hairdresser schedules their appointments according to their client’s exact needs. A hair cut may take 30 minutes, while a perm and color can take up to four or more hours. The key is knowing what the client’s exact needs are and scheduling each day accordingly. With a little practice, you will be able to fill your days with potentially lucrative appointments that offer you the best return on investment on your time. In the beginning, it may be beneficial to make some notes and determine what type of meetings take the most time and which ones can be quickly resolved in under an hour.

Don’t Overschedule

Don’t overschedule your day. Allow yourself enough time between appointments to make any necessary notes and give yourself time to clear your head so that you can meet with the next client and be focused solely on their project. Allow enough time for each client so that they do not feel rushed or pressured to finalize their agreement. Giving yourself a short break between clients will allow you to prepare yourself to take notes and provide your next appointment with the undivided attention they deserve. It also gives you time to look at your notes about the client so that you can show them you have actively looked at their file and are ready for the meeting.

Customize Your Appointments

It is also knowing how to customize your appointments. This provides each client with the amount of time they need. A client who is coming in for a follow-up consultation may only require an hour of your time. A client who is laying out a huge project or has several issues to discuss may need three or four hours just to get started. Understanding how long each type of activity will take will help you to learn the customization process. It is also important to take into consideration the personality of the client. Those who take a “no nonsense” approach may not want to waste any time and get straight down to business. Others may like to get to know the person and company they will be working with. Look at the finer points and customize each appointment with the client in mind and you will eventually end up with satisfied clients who appreciate the fact that you’ve gone the extra mile.

If the ultimate goal is to have satisfied clients, make sure you understand their needs and plan their appointments accordingly. Clients often look at how they are treated during their appointments when it comes to determining whether or not they are a priority. Providing them ample amount of time during each meeting shows them that they are important to your business. It also is an indicator of their interest in making sure all of your needs are met.

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