Another good day for Cingular users, KRZR coming your way

cingular motorola krzrSo after the announcement that the iPhone would be available only to Cingular customers for the first few years of its release, Cingular has added another nice phone to its lineup. The Motorola KRZR, previously a Verizon selling point, and more recently a Sprint phone as well, has received a good amount of press and reviews comparing it to its cousin the RAZR. One downside of the Cingular contract is that Cingular works on EDGE instead of the faster EVDO. So while you weren’t planning on working on the internet like you would when you get your iPhone in June, the speeds won’t really be there if you wanted to anyways. So for a mere $200 with 2-year contract and rebates, this beautiful Motorola KRZR can be all yours. Go ahead, commit to a new phone, $500 for a cutting edge Apple phone is too far out of your budget anyways. Don’t feel bad, it’s out of most peoples’. — Nik Gomez

Motorola KRZR [via Gadgetell]

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