Angry Birds is Part of a Complete Breakfast

Pregnancy is never easy, but for Shirley Sirivong, the ordeal has been decidedly difficult. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa and incompetent cervix, her doctor put her on bed rest and a strictly controlled diet for the remainder of her pregnancy. She’s due in late December and she has already been bed ridden for three months. But her husband Gat has attempted to make her life and bed-served meals as enjoyable as possible.

Diabetic friendly meals can be, well, dull. Whole wheat toast and hard boiled eggs are the staple of Shirley’s breakfast. One day husband Gat decided to lively up the meal by creating funny faces with the food before being served. The designs gradually became more and more complex, eventually resulting in this Angry Birds-themed breakfast. You can check out more of the breakfast designs at the source link.

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