Google’s Android Auto: New Voice-Enabled Platform for Cars


android auto

Recently Google unveiled the Android Auto which is a new voice-enabled software for cars. The focus of the software is to make navigation and communication easier for drivers as well as travelers. However, that’s not all there is to this project.

The official website reads, “Android Auto was designed with safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering wheel controls, and powerful new voice actions, it’s designed to minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the road.”

Previously similar softwares  required drivers to sort through an endless grid of icons to search for anything specific. Since Google Android Auto is based on navigation, communication and music, it has attempted to address these problems and fix them effectively. It has been safer and easier for the users.

This platform places Google Now cards conspicuously on the display thus providing you updated info on your usual daily routes. The software is contextually aware and that results in the drivers getting access to knowledge of estimated travel time from their home to office and vice versa along with a suggest music playlist for the drive.

Android Auto uses the same system as smartphone which means it is easier for all involved to update their favorite services. However, this platform offers a lot more than mobile Android apps have done till the current times. For instance, Google Play Music on this platform comes with new on-screen control options. These controls let you skip tracks, access playlists with ease and the option to give tracks and records thumbs up or thumbs down. Various more features and adaptation are also found.

Various other features and newer adaptations are also found in the system. Google Maps came up with an entirely voice-enabled version for Android Auto. This app will provide answers to direct questions on the display screen. It will also update directions to a place without having to program in the change of routes. This feature is completely new to Google. This would successfully reduce the need for drivers to take their focus off the wheel or the road for directions thus making it safer by a thick margin from its predecessors.

As per Google’s sources, 25 different car manufacturers from all over the word have already come out in the open with their support for Android Auto and tentatively agreed to employ it in their vehicles by the end of this year.

A good number of partners have already signed on to offer their apps for the platform including big-wigs iHeart Radio, Pandora and Spotify.

Android Auto is expected to be revolutionary in the line of voice-enabled software technology. It is slated to release later this year.

[Source: TNW]

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