Amazon Unveils Kindle 2


Do you read books? Excellent, but what about e-Books? They’re like books, except they are electronic. Don’t you understand the paradigm here? Get with the 21st century, McFly! Yesterday morning, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Kindle 2. It’s better than the original Kindle and just as expensive, costing $359 which will ensure it doesn’t sell like hotcakes. Here’s the feature breakdown:

* Thinner: 0.36 inches thick, 25% thinner than an iPhone
* Quicker: Turns pages 20% faster
* Longer lasting: 25% increase in battery life
* Better display: 16 shades of gray (was 4)
* Bigger memory: Stores up to 1,500 books
* Bigger vocabulary: Built-in 250,000 dictionary
* Better navigation: With a 5-way joystick
* More vocal: Able to read text aloud in a semi-robotic voice
* Less accident prone: The page-turn buttons are smaller and harder to hit by mistake
* More wired: New Whispersync technology (more below)

Well, well Mr. Bezos. It seems you’ve foiled us again. Oh wait. How much is a book from the Amazon store? $9.99? No thanks.


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