Afternoon Linkage for July 31st, 2008

Tomorrow is August. Where the hell has the year gone already? No matter. Time for delicious, plump links. Like a buttermilk biscuit, baby.

  • Sick! LG has introduced a Blu-ray player that can stream Netflix movies too!
  • A Sex & The City iPod Dock exists
  • One word: delicious
  • Saturn’s moon Titan has lakes filled with liquids
  • 1080P for Dish Network customers – not too shabby
  • Here’s video of when the LA earthquake hit during the taping of Judge Judy
  • Wow, a game for Mac OS X
  • Alaska is getting greener via LED streetlights
  • Love science? Make your own piezo crystals in your home
  • Olympic Condoms
  • This is why no one watched MTV anymore

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