Afternoon Linkage for July 25th, 2008

I highly recommend getting lobster on top of your pizza. Why pizza? Because it’s Friday and today you are going to order pizza. If not, you’ll be stuck with links and links only.

  • New KAWS goods!
  • The creepiest Bluetooth webcam you’ll ever see
  • This LEGO Sports City puts Beijing to shame
  • Cameraheads
  • Make sure you hang up your plugs on a rainy day
  • This umbrella might give you the T-Virus
  • Go ahead. Make my day, granny!
  • This makes you a bad parent
  • 20 features the iPhone should have
  • Hasbro is suing Scrabulous
  • So wrong, but so fun
  • Domino’s Pizza tests limits of what humans will eat

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