Afternoon Linkage for July 11th, 2008

Sick of the iPhone 3G? Of course you are. Here are some links that aren’t related to Apple or the iPhone in the slightest.

  • Did you peep the DIY air conditioner? It’s portable!
  • Solar deck lights don’t scream class, but your electric bill will look nicer
  • Punjabi Circuit Bending MC Explosion
  • Denmark got a sweet new aquarium
  • If gas is hurting your wallet, consider this Zip-Car alternative
  • Lifehacking: McDonalds
  • Flow Juggin’
  • Get a $30 Target gift card just for buying a lower-priced Xbox 360
  • Hope you can keep your jaw from hitting the floor
  • Got you, sucka! iTunes isn’t working and delays are happening with the iPhone 3G activation

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