Afternoon Linkage for August 11th, 2008

I don’t know if your city is under siege from hail and thunderstorms but here’s some links that won’t flood your backyard.

  • Surely you saw our Five Minute DIY, right?
  • Teh awesome chocolate sauce recipe!!11
  • Hosting an event soon and need ticketing? Try Brown Paper Tickets
  • Quite possibly the ugliest quad ever built
  • 8GB flash drive for $20 on Woot!
  • Apple’s App Store is doing well it appears
  • Russia is pwning Georgia in cyberspace
  • Great piece on how MS and Intel tried to kill the OLPC movement
  • If you have Facebook and love Tetris, then you need to ad Tetris Friends to your profile and play me
  • More Defcon goodness

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