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After the arrival and massive growth of Android as a mobile OS, Smartphone usage has become a new experience altogether! The customization scope, user friendliness and versatility of Android have led to its overwhelming popularity worldwide. Another reason behind its mass appeal is support for myriads of third party apps and services. While you may have used Google Play to download and update most of your apps so far, there are third party alternatives you can consider. You can find online resources to download several useful Android apps and do more.


Benefits you get

There are numerous benefits of using and accessing third party marketplaces like 9Apps to get Android apps. These are:

In Google Play, you get access to millions of apps but not all of them are useful. Even reading user reviews can prove to be confusing at times as same apps have both positive and negative reviews. However, at top third party app stores, you will get useful and top rated apps. This will be beneficial for you eventually. Besides, you will find apps that are safe for your devices and so there is no risk of virus of malware affecting your Android device. The majority of apps are free and they are listed in categories.

In these third party app stores, you get access to more than apps, as it is. You can also download enticing ringtones of various types from these places. Funny ringtones to surprise your close buddies or classical one for your tech savvy grandfather, the variety is mind blowing. You can also download exciting Android games that will satisfy the gamer in you. From arcade games to racing oriented ones to stimulate the nerves, you can find anything. So, these services are suitable for people hailing from various demographics, with diverse likings.

No matter which OS is running in your laptop or desktop, you may want to adorn the device screen with diverse wallpapers. In third party android app stores, downloading plenty of HD quality wallpapers is possible. You can find animal, car or gadget based wallpapers. There are wallpapers featuring kids and beaches as well.

Things to check

Now that more third party Android app and media download resources are popping up in the web, you have to pick the apt one. Check out a few aspects before selecting one such service provider.

First of all, see if the site is user friendly and the navigation works well. The apps and other content should be easily accessible. Check out if you can download content including Android apps directly from the site or you need a separate app for enabling the service. The site should not be too heavy.

Besides, you should spend some time checking out reviews of such service providers. Interacting with existing users in social media platforms would be prudent.  However, you can save the time that would otherwise be spent in analyzing and comparing by using a service like 9Apps. It will be helpful for downloading and using multiple apps and other media content.

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