A Weemote for the wee kiddies


Not to be confused with the Nintendo “Wiimote”, the Weemote is a remote control made especially for the kiddies. Should we really be promoting the television watching habits of children? Come on, go play outside or something. But despite our opinion of children getting off their asses, the Weemote could be good if it fits your need.

If you have one of those really expensive touchscreen remotes, you probobly don’t want your kid’s grubby fingers all over your prized gadget. We don’t blame you one bit. The Weemote could be a nice solution, and much cleaner then cutting off their little digits.

The bright colors are attractive to their growing brains, which will be promptly stopped from blooming for the subsequent 10 hour marathon of Dexter’s Laboratory. No baby genius’ for you. — Andrew Dobrow

Weemote product page [Weemote, via Crave]

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