A Washing Machine That Washes Without Water?

What’s a washing machine without water? Well this new washing machine is still a washing machine and it doesn’t use water to clean your clothes at all!

Washing Machine

Compared to the washing machines of years ago, today’s washing machines use much less water, but what if washing machines didn’t have to use water at all? These new washing machines developed by Stephen Burkinshaw from the University of Leeds, claim to be able to wash a single load of laundry with just one cup of water and detergent. Instead of the gallons of water used to do the laundry, the “Xeros” washing machine utilizes plastic beads. What’s that you say? Plastic beads can’t be environmentally friendly? Sure they can, plus the plastic beads that clean your clothes in the Xeros machine are reusable!

The Xeros washing machine will be able to save between 10 to 24 gallons of water per load depending upon the washing machine it replaces. What does that mean? Well, it means that with the introduction of the Xeros machine, water shortages would not impact our country nearly as much as they do currently.

The beads used by the machine are made from polymer and work to loosen up and lift dirt from laundry items in the washing machine. Just how big of an impact can this machine have? Estimates approximate that users of the Xeros could save as much as 47% on their electricity bills and 72% on their water bills!

The Xeros machines are expected to be released to the consumer market over the next few years and they are already in use by a number of larger organizations such as the Hyatt hotels.

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