A total of 4 working iPhones on Macworld showfloor?

apple iphone

So there’re 2 iPhones spinning around in the glassboxes like snow-white, there’s probably one being held by Steve Jobs. Is that it? We rarely see hands-on pictures with the iPhone, we know that there was a preview a few weeks ago but no pictures were taken (for obvious reasons), and even when reporters requested to have the babies brought out of the shrine this week, they’re often rejected. The reason being there’re simply not enough iPhones around to show everybody individually. However we believe that there may be more than 4 working iPhones on the showfloor, because accidentally one of the iPhones in the glassboxes were receiving emails from Greg Joswiak’s yahoo account. We cannot tell you the exact addy here, but by looking at the suffix number 4 with this email opened-just-for-demo, the guys at ITmedia are postulating that there might be at least 4 running iPhones on the showfloor. If you want hands-on, all you need to do is to neg the right person. For those who are attending the show, give that a try. — Sam Chan

iPhone at MacWorld [ITmedia]

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