A Sticky Car Could Very Well Save Lives

I think it goes without saying that automotive safety is in everybody’s best interest. After all, I’m pretty sure dying is the last thing most of you will ever do, so emerging technologies that can stave off such an outcome should be welcomed by the masses. Case in point, this rather curious “sticy substance” that can prevent “slipping” when two metals come into contact with each other.

The above video is the experiment that was run by Paula Mellado and a few colleagues at Harvard University. In it, you see a plastic sheet being pulled through a hole roughly the size of a dime. It’s argued that applying a thin layer of this substance to the bodies of automobiles would make them more resistant to impacts.

Personally, I’m not sure how a layer of super glue on my car is going to help me in a head-on collision, but then again I’m not a scientist.


I don’t think a little stick-um would help the car in the homepage image

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  1. I ve experienced that to crumple scotch tape is way harder than a simple ribbon of paper. More experiments
    should be done under realistic conditions. Good idea

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