A House For Jedi Worship, Coming To A Street Corner Near You


Father Yoda would be very happy to know that his teachings a long, long time ago at a galaxy far, far away have not gone unnoticed. Two Star Wars fan boys in the UK are working on erecting a full-on Jedi church. Barney, 26 – or Master Jonba Hehol – and Daniel, 21 – Master Morda Hehol, are the head of the official UK Church of the Jedi.

The two Jedi Knights hope to open a Surrey-based branch or “chapter” for the UK Church of the Jedi in April, with hopes to raise an Anglesey venue for their own services. Just a note. The Jedi church doesn’t call for celibacy, but will most likely mean life-long celibacy anyway for the followers. — Andrew Dobrow


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