A Drag and Drop Micro App Builder Makes Data Tracking Simple

Data tracking

Web analytics: as much as IT workers might dread the ponderous, time-consuming tasks associated with data review, tracking is essential. Without it, inaccurate information would be overlooked, false data would accumulate, and business performance would suffer.While there are many ways to take preventive action and keep inaccuracies from skewing insight, one of the simplest might surprise you.

What’s in a Micro App Builder?

You may have heard heard mention of micro apps. In case you’re among those who have yet to be introduced to this user-friendly technology, here’s the scoop.

Micro apps designed for the workplace target specific, actionable tasks. They’re designed to maximize efficiency and speed up processes ranging from communications to approvals. Far faster and easier to implement than customized mobile apps, micro apps are created using development tools such as drag and drop builders. With pre-built connectors, visual development capability, and pre-built connectors for integrating with existing systems, the right drag and drop builder makes it easy to create micro apps for businesses of all types.

How Micro Apps Simplify Data Tracking

Micro apps are meant to streamline work processes – but what’s the connection between the tool that builds them and data tracking? The answer is as simple as the builder itself. By using an intuitive rule builder such as the one found in Sapho’s event console, IT professionals can easily define which data sets they’d like to monitor and track while simultaneously ensuring that relevant event notifications are automatically delivered to the appropriate messenger or device.  With the accompanying drag and drop page builder, it is easy to incorporate customizable components, which can then be mapped to source application data and logic.

In systems where this technology has been implemented, there is no need to collect data from other sources, nor is it necessary to spend time and energy with external processing or cleaning. Once rules and definitions have been put in place, pre-selected users have access to the information they need. Built-in security prevents inappropriate access.

By utilizing a simple drag and drop micro app builder such as this one, IT teams have the ability to create turnkey micro apps in minutes and track relevant data with less risk of encountering some of the most common analytics challenges. As a result, business decisions are made more easily, and time previously spent reviewing data can be invested in high-priority tasks.





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