9 Cosplay Costumes That Will Blow Your Mind

You don’t have to be a “geek”, a “nerd”, a comic book fan or any other classification to appreciate the time and effort that goes in to cosplay. Check out 9 of our favorite cosplay costumes that are sure to blow your mind…although possibly not as much as the Buzz Lightyear balloon costume did.

#1. Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear Cosplay

We know, it’s another Buzz Lightyear¬† costume, but can you really ever have enough of Buzz? This costume is handmade from lightweight plastics by Thomas Sergneri of RawrBomb.com.

#2. Hellboy

Hell Boy Cosplay

This Hell Boy caught on film by Robert Walker of walkerspace is beyond amazing, just check out the amount of detail! We believe that Robert is the photographer in this case but we’d love to know who the cosplayer is too (leave us a comment if you know!)

#3. Black Widow

Black Widow Cosplay

Alexia Jean Grey positively rocks this Black Widow costume from the hair to the detail of the suit itself.

#4. Khaleesi

 Khaleesi Cosplay

This Game of Thrones Khaleesi cosplay (Daenerys Targaryen cosplay) by Samantha of The Bird – The Bee on DeviantArt is jaw dropping.Photography credit goes to RayeQuinnPhotography.com.

#5. Superman

Superman Cosplay

The man of steel comes to life with this cosplay by Danny Kelley with photos taken by Amp Cosplay.

#6. Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk Iron Man Cosplay

Steampunk is good. Steampunk Iron Man is even better! The detail in this costume is so incredible that we’d be tempted to wear it to a night at the opera. Matt Silva, the founder and creative director of Penny Dreadful Productions is brains behind this entire production.

#7. Wolverine

Wolverine Cosplay

This Wolverine cosplay done by Lightkast from DeviantArt. L.K. is a photographer by trade but he makes one amazing Wolverine with his handmade claws.

#8. Ariel Little Mermaid

Ariel Cosplay

This Little Mermaid Ariel cosplay by Yana Mio from DeviantArt is just one of her cosplay costumes that will wow cosplay and Disney fans alike.

#9. Catwoman

Catwoman Cosplay

Eleonora Malago a Catwoman fan and cosplayer pulled her costume together herself from vinyl and we give it two thumbs up. See more of Eleonora in costume on her DeviantArt page.

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