9 Cool Gadgets that Make Daily Tasks Fun for Kids

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Let’s face it, no one likes to do chores, especially kids. Most kids will drag their feet when it comes to getting their chores done. Fortunately, there are some cool gadgets on the market that can actually make chores and other daily tasks like brushing teeth more exciting for kids. If your kid enjoys doing his or her chores, he or she will be more likely to do them effectively and with a smile. Read on for some gadgets you can get to make daily tasks more fun and less of a struggle.

  1. Playbrush

A lot of kids hate taking the time in the morning and before bed to brush their teeth. It can be a struggle for parents to get them to do and to do it effectively, but dental care is important if you want to keep away the cavities. Playbrush is a fun new device that attaches to the end of any toothbrush. Using Bluetooth, it connects to your child’s phone or tablet. You can download many games that encourage your child to brush their teeth by letting them play games and unlocking rewards. They can also compete against family, friends and kids around the world.

  1. Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

If kids do not like to brush, then they really hate to floss. A Waterpik can make flossing much more fun. Instead of frustrating string, kids can use a small device to spray water around their teeth, loosening and washing away any food particles that brushing did not get. Kids will have fun spraying their teeth and getting into the crevices between their teeth and gums. They may even find it to be a pleasant sensation. As an added bonus, some studies have proven Waterpiks to be more effective than traditional flossing. When looking for a good Waterpik, make sure to find one that is kid-friendly.

  1. GlowTub Underwater Remote Controlled LED Light

If your kid isn’t big on taking baths, you can make bath time more fun with an underwater LED light. This light makes the entire tub of water change color and your child can control it with the remote. You can add bubbles for an even more fun effect. Your child will not want to get out of the bath.

  1. Squid Soap

A lot of kids do not like washing their hands, but it’s a necessity after playing outside and playing with other children, where they come into contact with all sorts of germs. Squid Soap can make washing hands more fun with a cool dispenser that has magic ink. Kids wash their hands until the ink is gone, making sure they spend enough time washing away the germs.

  1. ChoreMonster

Most kids hate to do their chores, because it takes away from time they could be playing. Maybe you have tried the “chore chart,” but for many of today’s technology-obsessed kids, a chart can be unimpressive. ChoreMonster is an app that puts the chore chart on your mobile device. Parents and kids each have a login. Parents can set up chores they want their kids to do and create rewards. When kids complete a chore, they have a chance to spin a wheel and win a prize. The app features humor that kids will love and the appeal of a reward will get them doing their chores on time and with less complaining.

  1. Kidz Delight Funny Fred the Talking Garbage Can

For some kids, even the smallest tasks like throwing away their trash can be a pain. You might find half-eaten apples and other junk hidden in various areas of the house. Funny Fred the Talking Garbage can gives your kid feedback every time he or she throws away some trash with funny comments. This garbage can teaches kids the importance of cleaning up while making the task a little more fun.

  1. Mop Slippers

Most kids do not enjoy sweeping or mopping the floor. It can be a dull and repetitive task. However, most kids do enjoy sliding around the floor in their socks. Mop slippers combine these two activities to make cleaning the floor fun. What was once work is now a fun physical activity. The slippers come in fun animal designs and your child can slide around on the floor and clean it up. Kids can also wear these while doing other chores, allowing them to multitask and get their work done sooner.

  1. Remote Control Mop

If your kid isn’t into mopping in a pair of slippers, then maybe a remote control mop will be a little more appealing. Your kid can use the remote to navigate the mop around your house and won’t even realize that he or she is working.

  1. FiLip

Kids, as they get older, want more and more freedom. They don’t always like having to stay right by their parents, especially when they are in a fun, public place like an amusement park. The FiLip is a device by ATT that serves as a smart watch that will track your child’s location. You can feel safe by knowing where your child is at all times, and your child can feel a sense of freedom. The device also lets you create a safe zone, which sets parameters of where your child can and cannot go.

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