80GB PS3 spotted in the wild


The photo is of poor quality and the facts are hazy, but the rumor is that the above photoed PS3 in question is a new 80GB model which has been yet to be confirmed or denied by Sony.

The 80GB PS3 sports a new model number to the Sony family (98004), and seems to be the real deal according to sources. Those of you in need of more drive space for your gaming life might be in luck. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Strange choice by Sony; the size of it and that fact that they’re doing it at all. You can install your own larger hard drive without invalidating the warranty, so why bother making a new model number and increasing the size by only 20Gb? I’m more than happy with my 60Gb PS3 and have loads of space left.

  2. oh come on…anybody with photoshop can make that

  3. 80 GB? Pathetic. The Xbox 360 Elite will have 120 and come with an HDMI cable.

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