8 Social Sites You Need to Use to Engage With Your Customers

Social media
Entrepreneurs need to use whatever resources possible to help boost business and attract more customers. No matter how large or small your operation is, it’s important to get involved in and contribute to the latest trends for businesses today. The biggest trend when it comes to marketing your company or your product is to use social media. If you think you’re fine with just a website, you may be missing out on some easy and effective ways to engage with your customers and promote your products. Here are the social media sites you should use to help boost your company.
1. Facebook
Probably the most popular and well-known social media site, many business owners probably already have their own personal Facebook page. If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to make a company page as well. Having a page about your company on Facebook gives you an easy way to send instant updates to all of your organization’s followers. You can also share exclusive deals and coupons through this important platform.
2. Twitter
After Facebook, you should then think about opening a Twitter account. You can post important information or fun facts on your Twitter feed, as long as it’s fewer than 140 characters. Pictures can be included as well. You can also easily have public conversations with other users on this site, which can be a great way to give feedback or show transparency. Twitter allows for more things to go viral than ever, which gives your posts a whole new type of audience.
3. Pinterest
If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, you should be. This popular site evolved from crafters and cooks sharing projects and recipes with each other. Today, the site has exploded in popularity and gone beyond its crafty roots. Businesses use Pinterest by pinning pictures of various things that are related to their industry. The pictures are from websites around the internet and link directly back to the site. Users browse through pictures and then pin the ones they like for their own boards. Sharing pictures that most inspire you can help you promote your company’s products or services around the globe.
4. Instagram
Instagram is another popular site that has recently grown exponentially. The main purpose of Instagram is to take pictures and share them with your online followers. Users also employ a variety of filters that allow you to adjust the quality or look of your picture, giving it a different hue or even a dreamlike quality. For businesses that are centered around food, Instagram is a treasure chest of possible product promotion, so it’s vital to sign up and start using this site today.
5. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is another popular website that can help your business grow even more. Rather than communicate with customers, LinkedIn is a platform to communicate with others in the industry or potential employees. That means you can connect with possible suppliers or even discuss various industry issues with others in the same line of business. You can also scout out future management hires and get a preview of what someone has to offer.
6. YouTube
The quintessential video website, YouTube, is another popular entry in the social media platform list that can help your company reach new heights. Posting regular videos of your operation can help you generate more online traffic to your main website and lead to your name being spread through word of mouth. Video marketing on YouTube has been one of the strategies of successful startup hamptoncreek, which manufactures the popular Just Mayo product for diners.
7. Flickr
Another great website that could be helpful to your online marketing strategy is Flickr. This photo sharing site allows you to create entire albums or even large photo histories of your organization. It’s a great way to share pictures of important launches or company events. After which, you could invite other users to tag and identify themselves to extend the reach of this site.
8. Reddit
The last social media site that may help increase your company’s visibility on the web is the social message board site, Reddit. In the world of Reddit, users post various kinds of information, such as questions, advice about certain topics, pictures, and a host of other types of information. You can position yourself as an industry expert and place your comments in the forum that matches your company expertise to further extend your presence.
The power of social media is immense if you know what you’re doing. Start using these popular sites to generate more interest and more revenue for your company today.

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