8 Reasons You’ll Love Having an SUV

Everyone who has an SUV loves it. It’s one of the most versatile cars in America, and it has a lot to offer the individual and the family. If you’re considering making the upgrade from a sedan to an SUV, here are a few reasons you might love the switch.


1. All the Cargo Space

One of the worst things about taking road trips is figuring out what to pack when you have limited space. That’s hardly a concern with most SUVs. While space is not unlimited, it’s significantly more generous than a sedan or midsize vehicle.

Best of all, most SUVs come with a hitch. This makes it easy to tow a trailer with extra cargo if need be. If you don’t need quite that much space, you could also use a cargo box that attaches to the hitch of your SUV.

2. The Passenger Space

Whether you’re carpooling to soccer games, taking a long vacation with friends, or taxiing around a large family, you’ll never regret having a car with more passenger space. The typical SUV fits eight people, although some fit just six or seven in favor of offering more cargo space.

3. Better Traction and AWD

You don’t have to worry about sliding off the road after the first snow or handling a muddy gravel road. SUVs are equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) or the option of four-wheel drive (4WD), which means that all four wheels are engaged so you can have more traction in slick situations.

Furthermore, SUV tires typically have deeper tread and better grip because of the load they’re carrying. They last longer and offer you more possibilities.  

4. Higher Safety Ratings

SUVs are the safest vehicles on the market. Along with the standard safety equipment (air bags, traction control, AWD, anti-lock brakes, collision prevention systems, etc.), the typical SUV is the king of the road. If you’re in an accident, it will naturally fair significantly better than a sedan simply because of the size.

Additionally, SUVs typically have their weight more evenly spread out in the engine and rear of the vehicle. This reduces the risk of flipping in an accident. It also increases your chances of walking away in a rear-ending or head-on collision. 

5. Improving Gas Mileage

A chief complaint about SUVs is the gas mileage. Such a large vehicle will never be as efficient as a smaller car. If you add a trailer to the end of it, it’s even worse.

However, inefficient gas hogs are a thing of the past. While SUVs built more than five years ago will likely average around 20 miles to the gallon, today’s newer models can get as much as 30 miles to the gallon on the highway!

Hybrid engines for SUVs also reduce gas mileage while driving around town. You might not see 50 MPG with your suburban, but getting 30 MPG in a newer model is common.

6. Off-Roading Possibilities

If your hobbies consist of outdoor adventures, you can’t live without an SUV. You need the ability to go off-roading when the occasion calls for it, whether you’re looking for the ultimate fishing hole or you want a more private place to camp for the night, the ability to venture off the paved trail without getting stuck is a huge perk of having an SUV.

7. Weather Resistant

No car is impervious to weather, but some handle the elements better than others. SUVs are much better in heavy rain and snow than smaller vehicles thanks to larger tires, better traction control, and AWD.

SUVs are also built higher off the ground. This means that when trekking through deep snow or mud, you’re less likely to get stuck. These vehicles also fair better in flooding conditions because of their clearance.

8. Lots of Possibilities

With such a large, versatile vehicle, you aren’t limited in your activities and abilities. SUVs can carry more, which means you can make trips to the hardware store without borrowing someone else’s vehicles. You can tailgate before the big game or take your entire family camping. You can take long road trips with lots of friends and family without a cramped travel space.

The possibilities are endless, making SUVs the most favored vehicle in America.

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