8 Reasons Reading Books is Better than Watching TV

Over the years as technology has become more prevalent, there is an increasing number of people glued to the TV and a decreasing number of people reading books.

While there is something to be said for the “miracle” that is TV, there are far more reasons why you should spend more time reading.

Take a look at 8 reasons why reading books is better than watching TV.


1. Reading encourages imagination and creativity.

2. Reading elaborates the vocabulary.

3. Reading increases the attention span.

4. Reading is portable entertainment.

5. You don’t have to put up with Kristen Stewart as Bella.

6. Reading doesn’t come with commercial interruptions.

7. There are an infinite number of books to choose from in any and every niche imaginable.

8. Escapism in to books allows for a healthy break from the overwhelming nature of today’s society.

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