7 Shows to Watch On Netflix Right Now (June 2019


Netflix has taken the internet by storm. And now the web awaits what new shows and films are coming up on the streaming site. Here at GearFuse, we also keep up with the most interesting, mind-bending materials the network has given us. Here are 7 shows to watch on Netflix right now, all of them binge-worthy.

Black Mirror


The fifth season just popped in, and the latest tales in this sci-fi anthology keep its tradition of probing dark and satirical themes alive. Each of the three installments presents more innovations, some looming, others already here. And then it shows us where humanity stands by following the lives of a few characters.

The eerie, nostalgic visuals often suggest the people are displaced in the worlds the series has built for us. But that is probably where creator Charlie Brooker wants us to be: sitting beside our growing unease with modern technology.


The German time-traveling sci-fi thriller is back for a second season this month. Stream the first season get a hold of the twisted mysteries that set things in motion. Never mind if you actually find answers or more puzzles. Let’s just say this is not your typical case of a missing child hunt.

Dead to Me

Add this Christina Applegate-starrer to your dark comedy diet, and learn about the funny side of grief, loss, and forgiveness. Watch how an unlikely pair of women go through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, all that jazz. It’s anything but conventional. The second season drops this month.

Designated Survivor

After ABC canceled its airing, the show was picked up for a third season by the streaming giant. Talk about living up to its own title. That brings Kiefer Sutherland’s character Tom Kirkman, no other than America’s President, to a worldwide audience. You’re welcome to watch how he’s faring so far.

Glee: The Complete Series

Rejoice, Gleeks! All six seasons of the Emmy-winning show release on Netflix before June ends. This is great news as the series debuted a decade ago this year, which is a cause for celebration in itself. For those who’ve never heard of it, Glee was a TV show about a high school musical society.

Tales of the City


It’s the Pride Month, and the return of this 90s miniseries is just what the Netflix gods ordered. It’s a nostalgic moment for those who are familiar with the room and characters in 28 Barbary Lane. For those who aren’t, you now have another interesting show to add to your queue. And it’s going to take you on a dip into the LGBT community.

The Crown

The first two seasons covered a lot of ground: from the time Queen Elizabeth II inherited the crown after her father’s death to sometime around the teenage days of Charles. Claire Foy was the Queen in those early installments. But as the story moves on to the royal’s middle age years, Olivia Colman takes over in Season 3.

Important: We’d love to hear your thoughts about this slate, especially if you’re a fan of the show. Sound off in the comments section.

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