6 Nominations to Play Christian Grey

Lately anything about everything has included the terms “50 Shades of Grey” or “50 Shades” and tonight we’re hopping on the bandwagon to share with you our 6 nominations to play Christian Grey.

These 6 men are our picks for the movie role of Christian Grey.

1. Matt Bomer

Colin Egglesfield As Christian Grey

2. Colin Egglesfield

Chris Hemsworth As Christian Grey

3. Chris Hemsworth

Ian Somerhalder As Christian Grey

4. Ian Somerhalder

5.  Stephen Amell

Chris Pine as Christian Grey

6. Chris Pine

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  1. Jessica Cameron

    Definitely Ian!

  2. I’m a fan of Chris Pine myself, but I hear Stephen Amell is the favorite right now…not that I’d kick him out of bed 😉

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