6 Kickass Steps for Taking Better Care of Your Computer

This is the age of computers.

People can imagine their life without food and water for once, but not without computers and internet. Well, maybe that is an exaggeration but seriously, take their internet away from them and they will freak out.

People save all their important data(pictures, music, official files etc) on computers and laptops and sometimes lose this data due to various reasons. In Sydney, data recovery service providers make a fortune by helping people recover the lost data. But taking good care of your computer can actually do you good and save you a lot of trouble.

Here are 6 steps that you should definitely embark on, to take good care of your computer.


  • Don’t let the dust accumulate: This is the first thing you need to ensure about your computer. Dusty computers heat more and that affects and reduces its performance and lifespan. So, make sure that you clean your computer on a regular basis (try cleaning it at least twice a year). Take time and be patient with the cleaning process (cover all the parts). Only use the cleaning products which are specifically made for computers. And if you feel uncomfortable in dismantling and cleaning it, get professional for the task.
  • Organize the computer cables: A computer has a lot of cables attached and we leave all of them entangled and messy. This cable mess doesn’t just look ugly and hinder the beautiful appearance of your room, it also bums you out considerably. So, take some time out and organise those cables; this will atleast give you some peace of mind, if not improve your computer’s performance.
  • Keep deleting the unnecessary items: We keep storing and stuffing our computers with many different items. We use them and then forget about them, and these items keep eating up precious space. Your computer’s performance deteriorates when it is cramped up with data. So, make sure that you keep deleting the data once you are done using it.
  • Don’t let your hardware and software be outdated: Keep checking for any updates and then update accordingly. Keep checking your manufacturer’s website for any latest updates. These updates are important as they are released to fix the problems that the users are facing; you also might be facing it. An updating session doesn’t take a lot of time and ensures better care of your computer.
  • Keep a good eye on all the installations: You should watch over everything that is being installed in your computer like a hawk. For your computer’s health, it is necessary that you restrict installations of malicious softwares. What you can do is, disable the autorun; by doing this you can keep an eye on every installation.
  • Backup your data: This step will take care of you, more than your computer. Once you backup your data, you are decreasing the possibility of a future data loss. Despite all the precautions taken, your computers can fail and lead to data loss. By backing up your data,you can at least rest assured in that department.

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