5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Connected and Informed

One thing that affects company morale more than anything is a lack of communication. Employees who are expected to be dedicated to their jobs and perform well for the company need to be reminded of their value. Sharing information with them directly rather than through the grapevine, lets employees know they are appreciated. Studies show that employees prefer to be updated about company change from their boss or management. If change is obvious, uninformed employees are more likely to form negative opinions. 

Communication comes in many forms and face-to-face isn’t the only method. Good leaders use a variety of communication tools to effectively share news and strategies.

1. Social Media

Consider tweeting out to employees messages that are short and concise. Send goal reminders or just say good morning. Social media opens the door for a more direct back-and-forth between management and employees.

2. Internal Blog

Utilize an internal blog to update employees on product updates or changes in leadership. Use blogs to post meeting topics so employees can read about what to expect or come prepared with questions. Encourage comments and idea exchange.

3. Everyday Visuals

Sometimes in the day-to-day shuffle of work, things just get busy and employees might lose sight of the company’s goals or missions. Consider using screen savers that display monthly goals or print mouse pads with the corporate mission.

4. Virtual Meeting

Virtual meeting

Gathering everyone together for a meeting can be challenging, and if the company employs remote workers — nearly impossible. Virtual meetings are a great way to get everyone in the same “room” to discuss projects or answer questions. Employees can attend from virtually anywhere and considering today’s advancements in audio and video technology — almost every device.

5. Company Intranet

Companies understand the value of their website for both new and loyal customers, but using the power of the internet for internal communications is sometimes overlooked. For some of the latest best practices in communication technology, think of intranet software. This platform provides more than typical one-way business communication, offering a wide range of possibilities for sharing internal updates about products or other company news.

Departments use intranet software to highlight their team’s successes and processes. Managers can plan brainstorming sessions or create groups around projects or mutual interests. New employees can gain access to archived information to bring them up to date on the company’s latest endeavors easier than ever.

Managers shouldn’t get so busy they forget to remind employees of goals or inform them of milestones. By making it simple and convenient to stay in touch and using the right tools to keep employees connected makes good business sense and avoids rumor or innuendo. Acknowledging individual contributions to their role influences morale.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to set up a system to remind managers to discuss goals and game plans regularly, as well as provide updates on company happenings. Provide managers with the tools they need to announce news and impart information to keep employees in the loop and the office humming.

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