5 Ways to Bring the Latest Technology to Your Small Business

The surge in technological development over the last decade has made advanced tech available to small businesses at a cheap price. The evolution of the internet into a powerhouse of self-promotion and commerce also gives any business the opportunity to launch a global advertising campaign with the right viral video. Here we a going to look at five ways you can bring the latest technology into your small business.

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Use Wireless Cameras for Security

Installing a Closed-Circuit Television system in your business used to be expensive and require an expert to do the work. Now a fully functioning CCTV system can be up and running in just a couple of hours, straight from the box, without you paying a technician or getting tangled up in wires. This can add security when you are working and act as a deterrent for criminals when your business is left unattended.

Use Social Media for Advertising

Advertising your company can often be expensive and you will not always be able to see its results. A poorly executed campaign can be a waste of money that a small business cannot afford to throw away. Using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offers any business a way to reach their customers directly and design a campaign of their own for little or no money. If a commercial you made went viral, your business could become a household name, and orders may come in from around the world.

Use a Cellphone as a Cashless Register

More and more people are leaving cash at the bank and paying for goods and services using their phones or contactless payments. Taking card payments used to be expensive for a small business, as they had to pay fees to major banks for the service. Now, using a cellphone can give you a contactless payment and barcode inventory system all-in-one for very little outlay.

Use 3D Printing for Custom Packaging

Three-dimensional printing is the latest technology to become more accessible as its price reduces. Soon 3D printers will be much more common in the home, and they already offer small businesses exciting opportunities. Having unique packaging for your product or an individual design for promotional material can generate interest in your company, and a 3D printer brings these possibilities to your business.

Use Third-Party Delivery Services

Making sales over the internet is a must for any small business to survive, but many companies struggle to satisfy local demand. By teaming with a third-party delivery service such as Postmates or Uber, you can reach more customers and generate more sales for a very small fee that can often be passed on to the customer unnoticed.

Technology has enriched lives across the planet, and you should let it enrich your company. Not only are they labor-saving and cost-effective, but many technologies can also give your company an extra edge over the competition by increasing your capacity for customers or speed of service. You cannot afford to ignore the latest tech.

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