Embracing Technology DIY Style: Cost Effective Ways To Enjoy The High-Tech Lifestyle


New types of technology everywhere are becoming a major part of our lives. We have an incredible opportunity to innovate and make varying areas of our lives more self-sufficient. With a do it yourself mentality, we have the possibility to upgrade, modify and connect things we’d never even think about. From smartphones to smart homes we have the power now at the ends of our fingertips.

Technological Home Advancement

Let’s start with some of the simple things we can change with our homes and cars. One thing that should light up is, hey your lighting! Many people will stick to regular white lighting for their homes. You have the possibility to add some flair and extra color to your home. Take a simple lamp and choose from an endless amount of different changing colors. LED bulbs are perfect for this and are offered from a multitude of companies.

Why stop at your house though? Many high-end vehicles have a specialized form of lighting for their headlights. Look into buying a Xenon HID Conversion Kit, these are very different than your standard car’s halogen bulb. These increase visibility by a substantial amount and give your car a unique flair and style to it.

By using a kit you are embodying the do it yourself spirit and can save money by switching it up on your own.

Automating the Home

Integrating your house under one automated system is a great convenience for you and the whole family. Integrating the system is usually much easier to do so when a new house is being built, but there are options to add it to a preexisting house. You should be looking out for centrally focused integration systems that can connect to your home through WiFi and allow for remote control.

There are some products out there that can utilized through your iPhone using the home system for example. All of these separate items will become interconnected in a full smart kit. That could be a thermostat monitoring the heat and air conditioning to automatic lights and a security system equipped with surveillance cameras.

You’ll be able to have your own personal live feed of a security camera using a smartphone app and operating on WiFi or even through a cellular network. On top of that you can add a smart door lock that tells you exactly when it’s been opened and by who.

Computing Integration

Just having a lone electrical outlet was enough for maybe the past century of electricity use. Now we need things like router access, high fiber cables, and USB connectors. The majority of all our devices use some form of USB that needs to be connected for charging or other various reasons. Setting up your own charging system that is already built into the wall, is convenient and frees up outlet space.

That is just one use of repurposing the preexisting electrical system to better cooperate with computers and other small devices. Eventually your goal should be to mix the entire house with this kind of interconnectedness to monitor things, while being energy and financially efficient.

Having motion sensor lights is a great way to automate without having to connect to any other kind of external device. These lights will automatically turn on and off when someone or something moves around them.

Buying the Latest Gadgets

Slowly we’re getting closer to our robot butler that frankly is going to completely change the world and technological world, as we know it. In the meantime while we await our robot servants, you can add the somewhat primitive versions out on the commercial market today.

Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for quite some time and actually work. No more having to clean the floor by your lonesome. There are even some advances currently in pool cleaners; windows and eventually lawn care services. Eventually we’ll see all of these once tedious tasks taken over by robots.  While you’re at it now check out what you can automate in the house and be at the cutting edge above all others.

If you’re really serious about living the tech lifestyle, check out getting a server for your house to run your computers off or investing in high fiber Internet connection. You’ll be able to use the hottest software, cutting edge areas of virtual reality, gaming, design and pretty much anything you could think of. These are just the starting steps towards entering the high tech rolling style.

Nathan Reeves enjoys testing out new technology and reading about all the latest innovations. He writes about how technology is changing our lives and shares some tech reviews online too.

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