5 Ways to Boost Your Digital Content Design

The Internet and the digital world are powerful tools, and as a company, it’s very important that you put these in your back pocket and use them as often as you can. Although we are bombarded with new innovations and technologies on an almost daily basis, it’s the content that continues to drive these web and app experiences forward.

You’ve likely heard that content is king, and it’s true. Without great content, you cannot create an interesting and entertaining atmosphere for your clients and customers. Content is what helps your current and potential clients learn more about you. Content is what you use to brand your company. Content is how you decipher yourself as an expert in your industry. Content increases Facebook likes. Content is how you get people coming back for more.

A few years ago, the best way to produce content about your company was by creating a blog. While this is still effective, you need to ensure that you’re using more digital content too, such as videos, infographics, and imagery.


Unfortunately, many companies fail when it comes to digital content design. In order to ensure you are not added to this list, use the following five tips to boost your digital content for a better web and app experience.

  1. Create a strategy.

Before you can even begin to start creating digital content, you need to have a strategy. Take a good hard look at your company and the goals you want to accomplish with your digital content, as well as your target audience. Then, start strategizing ways to make this a reality.

If you are struggling with your strategy, then you may want to use a professional company to help you. Multi Image Group is a company that specializes in web and app experiences, and they have the ability to help you hone in on the right digital content for your specific goals. According to MIG, “Our skill is in extracting and sharing that narrative through immersive environments, content creation and continuous production.”

  1. Make it mobile.

The use of mobile devices grows every day, which is why it’s extremely important that you make all of your digital content available for mobile devices. This means that your website, images, videos and apps all need to be accessible on smartphones and tablets. People use their phones all day, and if they can’t access your digital content while they’re on the go, then it will be wasted.

  1. Get to know your audience.

Your target audience was briefly mentioned above, but it’s very important for you to hone in on your target market. Get to know who they are, their typical age, gender, and race. Then, get to know what they do. Do they work 9-5? Do they telecommute? Do they have families? The more you know about your audience, the better message you’ll be able to create that will have a better chance at landing in front of them. If your message doesn’t reach your audience, your digital content will go to waste.

  1. Market it.

Just because you spent time and money on your digital content doesn’t mean that people are just going to fall into it. You need to market this to your audience in order to get them to use it. So if you created a new app, push it out through your website, digital ads, social media, and any other marketing platform you use.

  1. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Sometimes companies are afraid to invest in digital content because it’s not a popular tactic used in their industry. But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be used. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Being the innovator is a great way to use your digital content to your advantage. So if you’re in the manufacturing industry, try making a few how to videos and putting them on your website. You’ll be surprised at how much traffic and interaction this builds, and you may have just started a new industry trend.


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