5 Ways to Augment your Internet Privacy

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If you are keeping up with the latest news on the internet, you likely know about the data breaches and threaten the users’ privacy. It wouldn’t be the first time that internet users are afraid of sharing their data on these platforms, mainly because there’s no guarantee how the big corporations will use their data. 

So, it isn’t surprising that consumers now need to prioritize their privacy above everything else, primarily with VPNs and anti-virus software usage. PrivacySharks helps you assess the best privacy solutions for you with their detailed reviews.

Till then, check out the remaining ways you can protect your internet privacy.

Analyze the Social Media Settings

How often does it happen that you find an exciting game on your social media and you end up giving access to the application to play the game? Quite often, right? It is where you need to step in and revoke the access that you have shared with third-party applications. Keep checking your privacy settings of these social handles to ensure that everything is updated and to your knowledge.

Use Private Browsing

So, you are on your browser searching for an item, right? Are you bombarded with ads of the same thing all over your social media? While retargeted ads are, for the most part, harmless, they can be misleading too. Some of the marketers often use your browser data to customize your ad experience. When you are looking up something or searching for something on your browser, use private browsing software applications to conceal everything.

Protect your Primary Email

All of us have a primary email and phone number linked to all our important data, be it bank details or even the utilities. If you have to register on a random website for a coupon or some course, try to use a secondary email that isn’t associated with vital information. The same goes for the mobile phone number as well. Doing so not just keeps your data secured, it also prevents the persistent spam that is likely going to attack your inbox once you sign up.

Choose Strong Passwords

Securing your crucial data with weak passwords is a complete waste. You want to ensure that the hackers won’t be able to guess the information and would likely not log into the account. Unique passwords should include numbers, characters, and a mix of upper and lowercase characters. It makes the password strong, keeping all your vital information secure. If required, you can even enable the two-step authentication for your social media profiles if you aren’t satisfied with just the password protection.

Disable Lock Screen Notifications

If you have a strong passcode for your phone but have a ton of invading lock screen notifications, you are already signing yourself up for the damage. Thus, ensure that you disable the lock screen notifications disabled for good. You can do so from the settings on your phone.


If you are still here taking your online privacy weakly, it is time you prepare yourself for the consequences. With the consistent rise in data leaks and hacks, you must do everything to ensure maximum internet privacy to keep all your vital information and data concealed and away from the prying eyes.

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